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  1. Thermal Insulation plays a major role in Energy Conservation, which is of vital importance to the Nation. When Effectively designed and Efficiently installed by experienced professionals. Thermal Insulation will prove to be a maintenance free workhorse paying rich dividends for the investment in terms of Energy saving.

  2. An uninsulated surface with a temperature of:

    • 180 0C. Looses heat at the rate of 2170 Kcal/SqM/Hr.
    • 250 0C. Looses heat at the rate of 5430 Kcal/SqM/Hr.
      Ambient Temp being 30 0C.

Proper Insulation of any surface brings down heat loss to 80 -90 Kcal/SqM/Hr.

  1. Non-Circulating air is a poor conductor of heat. Trapped air between fibers of a non-conducting material forms a barrier to heat, thus preventing its loss, consequently insulating the area.

  2. The industrial development and prosperity of every Nation depends of the amount of energy consumed and the availability of energy for further development. The increased demand will cause concern on the limited energy sources available. It is therefore necessary to make efficient utilization of whatever energy available and avoid wastage. In addition, excess wastage of energy results in an increase in pollution which can adversely affect human health.

  3. In this National drive for Conservation of Energy, installing efficient insulation can produce substantial savings in energy consumption. This. method can be adopted by all industries using heat as a source of energy, for any application.The reduction of heat loss by insulation, is a practical means of achieving substantial economics in energy.

  4. Due to substantial financial benefits available through effective insulation, such industries are recommended to recognize the need for Thermal Insulation and take appropriate action towards the final goal of energy conservation.

Some of the projects successfully undertaken by us:


  • CGS Varaha- GSL Yard No. 1158 for Goa Shipyard Limited

  • Insulation work as per Lubrizol India Pvt. Ltd. for Las Engineering Services
  • Insulation work for R.R. Plant of Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited, Rasayani for Humphrey & Glasgow.
  • Insulation work for Castlerock Coldstorages Pvt. Ltd.
  • Lagging work of Deoderiser for Gwalior Oil Mills
  • Insulation jobs for Cadbury India Ltd. plant
  • Acoustic Insulation for Flare Lines of BPA Platform for Det Norske Veritas
  • Fixing of hot and cold insulation on process vessels and pipelines for Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd.
  • High temperature insulation and aluminum sheathing for Oil and Natural Gas Commission
  • Thermal Insulation jobs for National Organic Chemical Industries Limited
  • Insulation work in Coker at Jamnagar Refinery Project of Reliance Industries Limited
  • Cold and Cool Rooms Insulation on Yard 579 - C.T.S.T.I.R for Mazgaon Dock Ltd.
  • Hot and Cold Insulation work at the factory of Bombay Tyres International Limited
  • MDL Hook-up to 13 Platforms for N.P.C.C. Singapore PTE Ltd.


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